About us

What is MindfulVotes?

MindfulVotes is a national, nonpartisan campaign to get mindfulness practitioners out to vote in 2012. Awareness, connection, and participation are core elements of mindfulness. They happen to be central to our civic life, too, whether that be at the most local level or in this year’s presidential campaign.

MindfulVotes will encourage the 5 million Americans who practice mindfulness to take their values into the public sphere and into the voting booth.   We will use traditional and cutting edge organizing tools to reach, activate, and encourage these folks to go to the polls on election day—especially in key states where our collective voices will have a noticeable impact.

Through MindfulVotes We Will:

1. Show that mindful communities are voting: Uniting the work we do on the cushion with the decisions we make at the voting booth.

2. Demonstrate that every vote counts: Encourage all practitioners of mindfulness to participate in the voting process, no matter who they are or where they’re coming from.

3. Mobilize an emerging constituency: Engage, educate, and mobilize the 5 million Mindfulness practitioners in the U.S. We will demonstrate that the Mindful community is a block of conscious voters, engaging in politics in a new and impactful way.