Mindful Leaders at the RNC & DNC

[UPDATE 8/26/2012: We have reached our initial goal. Thank you for your generosity. Now, we need to take it to the next level. Join us!]

The Opportunity
In just one week, the Republican National Convention will be held, followed by the Democratic National Convention. In an effort to lift up the importance of bringing consciousness to the political process, Arianna Huffington and Huffington Post is sponsoring an “Oasis” at the conventions. It will be a space to unplug and recharge featuring meditation, yoga, spa services and healthy refreshments to give the delegates a rejuvenating place to reconnect to their bodies and minds so they can bring their hearts in a powerful way during the supercharged political conventions.

The Impact
The reach of these events will be significant, with 16,000 participants gathering in Charlotte and Tampa. 1000 – 2000 people each day. This effort transcends partisanship and brings a fundamental sanity to a process that has seemed pretty insane lately.

Transformative Change, in an alliance with Off The Mat Into the World, the team behind YogaVotes, is anchoring MindfulVotes, to galvanize ALL people that aspire to bring mindfulness into every aspect of their lives—and the resulting values of love, compassion and inclusivity—to the fore of American politics. No matter where we stand on the political spectrum…

HOW we vote and engage matters.

What Is Needed
We need to raise $5000 by the end of this week to send a team of four leaders of color to the conventions, to anchor a larger group of locally-based teachers. Each skilled leader can teach meditation, yoga, tai chi and other mindfulness practices. Chip in now to keep airfare costs down.

Why Does This Matter?
It’s time to liberate our politics from negativity and closed-heartedness. The widely-held mindfulness values of love, compassion and inclusivity can return us, as Americans, back to our center of goodness. Help make that happen.

We setup a campaign site on GoFundMe to make it easy. Now we just need your support. Check out the site, share/post/tweet and send email to your circles. People are looking for inspiration in a seemingly hopeless deadlock of divisiveness. Give them the opportunity to be hopeful and inspired.

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  1. hncruz says:

    I’ve been encouraging people to vote by saying if you don’t vote you are silencing yourself. Some people feel disappointed in candidates and parties but I tell them that I vote because I want to speak up for the values I believe in which are the values of the democratic party. I think candidates, in large part due to systemic reasons, don’t uphold those values enough, but if we the people make our voices heard over and over they cannot be ignored. If we don’t those values are overshadowed by other interests more and more. Some people say “your vote doesn’t matter” and I say it WILL matter if you join me by voting.

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